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Home Insurance


Not all home insurance policies are the same in terms of the cover that they can provide you, making it difficult to know whether you are getting the cover that you think you are. By helping you to understand the choices available as well as ensuring that you are protecting your home and contents in the way that matters to you, we believe that we can provide a recommendation based on the quality of the cover as well as the premium.


Landlord Insurance


If you are a landlord then you should have landlords insurance in place because without it you could end up paying the bill for something that goes wrong. If you are renting out a property and are uncertain as to whether you have adequate or appropriate cover in place, then please contact Avenir.




Mortgage Advice Clevedon

Accident, Sickness & Unemployment



An Accident, Sickness and Unemployment plan (ASU), can be useful if you are concerned about whether you could cope financially if you lost your job through redundancy or ill health.*


You can take out an ASU policy that is specific to a debt so that repayments will continue to be made.


With most ASU insurance policies, the payout periods are time limited, so they will only solve a problem in the short term.  For a longer term solution, you may need to consider looking at our protection page.  


ASU Policies also carry certain restrictions. For example, you may not be covered if you are already at risk of unemployment when you take out a policy.


At Avenir, we will discuss whether ASU is suitable for you or whether you should consider other forms of financial protection.

* There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance (Short-Term Income Protection) and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at


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A typical monthly cost for Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance is £5.53 a month for every £100 of benefit.