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When things happen, make sure the future is protected.

Why do I need Protection?

Protection offers cover in the event of death, serious illness or long term incapacity.  It is important to continually review your protection needs as your life changes.  


Many first take out protection upon the purchase of their first property, however the need for protection extends far beyond this.


If you have any of the following, it is important to consider taking out adequate protection. Our handy tools on this page will help you further understand how and why protection is important to your personal situation.


If you have not recently reviewed your protection arrangements, it may also be an appropriate time to discuss what you have and whether your current circumstances now mean we need to make some adjustments to the cover you have.


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Your mortgage is likely to be your largest financial commitment each month. If you were to become seriously ill or die, how would you or your family continue to pay the mortgage and ongoing bills?

At Avenir Financial Solutions Ltd, we look to help you ensure that if the worst to happen, your family are left in the best possible position.

Use our tools to find out more or contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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Getting Married

If you are getting engaged or married, you need to think how your partner would cope should your income no longer be available due to premature death or illness.  Getting married brings a reliance on one another.  

We can discuss the life you intend to lead together and what protection considerations should be made in order to leave each other in an adequate financial position.

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Family / Children

When growing your family, your financial commitements become greater.  Most parents aspire for their family and children to be left in the best possible financial position should you suffer a serious illness or untimely death.  

We can discuss what cover options are available to cover childcare costs, maintain an adequate standard of living and keep your family in a sensible financial position.

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Are you starting a new job or have been in your role for a while? Do you know the benefits provided by your employer?

If you are self employed, then the safety net is likely to be less.

For most people, the complexity of claiming state benefits coupled with the amount they will receive means that making additional arrangements are important.  

Speak to us to find out more and how we can help.


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Divorce may still mean that you are dependent on your former wife or husband.  If you have children together then you will need to continue to pay school or university fees or maintenance payments which may well need to be covered should something happen to either one of you.

Get in contact with Avenir Financial Solutions Ltd and we call talk you through the various options open to you.

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Change of Lifestyle

As well as the great overall health benefits of improving your lifestyle, it could also mean savings on your life assurance.

The majority of life assurance companies offer reduced premiums if you have given up smoking for a period of time, reduced weight, cholesterol or alcohol intake such as Royal London with their lifestyle review option.

Speak to Avenir Financial Solutions Ltd to see if your lifestyle improvements means your protection arrangements should be reviewed.


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