Whole of Life

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Mortgage Advice Clevedon
Mortgage Advice Clevedon

Inheritance Tax


One of the main reasons to consider taking out a whole of life plan is to cover future Inheritance tax liabilites on the death of you or your partner.

This can mean your estates true value is preserved which allows your beneficiaries to maintain the assets you have worked hard to build up over your lifetime.

If you think you have a potential problem, you need to speak to Avenir about addressing the issue.


Funeral Costs


According to research by the BBC, the average cost of a funeral in 2017 was £6123

Would you want to leave your loved ones to worry about how they are going to pay for your funeral?  With funeral costs widely expected to continue to increase, setting up a whole of life plan can be more cost effective than you think.

Speak to Avenir to discuss setting aside a small amount each month to meet this liability.

Wealth Creation


Do you want to leave behind money to your family no matter when you die?

For many, the idea of helping their children financially after their death can mean setting up a whole of life plan represents an attractive option.

With a whole of life, premiums can be set at outset to be guaranteed and we can help work out the value of taking out a plan.  

Please take a look at the example below. Whole of life could represent a good way of creating the wealth you desire for future generations.

Please contact Avenir to find out more.

The Value of Whole of Life 

* Premiums correct as of 01/04/2018, are an indicative basis and subject to underwriting.

A £50,000 whole of life policy for a 35 year old costs £27.27* a month.  This means that if this premum was paid each month, then the individual would need to live until they are 187 before they would have paid more than £50,000 in premiums. The oldest anyone has lived to is 122!