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Preparing for our meeting

Mortgage Advice Clevedon

What should I think about before meeting?

During our first meeting, we will spend time understanding your circumstances to ensure we can help you as effectively as possible.  Some of the things you could consider beforehand are the following:


The size of your current financial commitments – especially your mortgage and any other significant loans.  

For mortgage clients - how much deposit you will have?

Any big changes you’re planning in your life – starting or growing your family, moving house, changing job.

How much it costs to run the family home, and to support the standard of living you want your family to have.

The total value of any assets you plan to pass on to those closest to you when you die.


What documentation should I have?

We are happy to discuss what you are looking to achieve over the phone.  To proceed with an application, we will require some or all of the following.  We will tell you in advance of our meeting which of these we will need initially.


Proof of Identity - Passport or Driving licence

Proof of address - Council Tax/Utility Bill

Financial Overview - Mortgage & Bank statements
Proof of earnings - latest pay slip/accounts, if available.
Details of any current debts
Details of any existing protection i.e. Death in service, sick pay and any personal policies.


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