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You can afford your mortgage now but what if……

Having spent the first half of this year making and building our new business, it is interesting to see the change in focus of clients in this relatively short time scale. People are getting much more positive and confident in regards to their future property moves. People are also much more receptive to discussing how they would maintain their lifestyles if something caused them to be long term incapacitated or die prematurely.

Having previously worked for an insurer, we struggled to understand why people did not cover themselves when undertaking the largest purchase of their life. What I now realise is that people are interested but as mortgage lenders turn to looking at long term affordability in regards to mortgages, clients are thinking more about protecting their income long term. This has been helped with recent product innovations by providers and both budget and comprehensive options exist. Most clients do not realise how much sick pay they receive from their employers or from the state? Do you know? It may come as a surprise!

Avenir helps look at your situation and plan for the future. At the Insurer, we had a good way of expressing the need to protect income simply. If you were a cashpoint positioned in your house that produced your salary each month – would it be insured? If the answer is yes, speak to us!

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